The seventh year of juggling in Bystřice is coming. Hopefully we won´t be restricted anyhow by goverment. If you are not able to buy the ticket in Czech language just contact me to know you are planning to come and we will discuss it together. Thank you, Martin

Date: 27.10. – 28.10.2023 (3 days)

There are few different ways how to get here:

GPS of the convention building: ZŠ Bystřice nad Pernštejnem

Accomodation: The school has got two halls, in the smallest one is a sleeping place (sleeping bags and matraces are necessary) and the second one is used for juggling and other activities.

There is also an option of booking a room in a school hotel nearby (bathroom included) – has to be done untill 30. 9. 2023. If a map is needed:

Hygiene: There are separated greenrooms for man and woman that includes showers with hot water. It is not a ultimate luxury but sufficient enough. All around the whole place will be placed bottles of desinfection. They do not smell and are nice to the skin, do not be afraid to use them.

Meals: there is no kitchen in the whole area, but there will be toasters and jug kettles for free usage. There is also a bunch of restaurants and pubs in the city where you find whatever you need. And there will be a barrel of lemonade.

There will be few tables with chairs and also some mattresses in chill zone, but probably not enough for everybody. Organisators will place here about 10 chargers, but if you wanna be sure take your own.


Coop B.n.P.6:00 – 11:00300m
Quanto potraviny7:00 – 12:00625m
Albert Hm7:00 – 20:007:00 – 20:00840m
DM drogerie8:00 – 13:00780m
Teta drogerie8:00 – 11:30610m
Pizzerie Filisto10:30 – 23:0010:30 – 21:00450m – saláty, pizza, fast food +420 604 539 768
Restaurace Club11:00 – 00:0011:00 – 20:00990m
Restaurace Harenda11:00 – 22:00190m sobotu mají jen dva stoly – spíš tam nechoďte, bohužel
Pivnice Kozlovna16:00 – 00:0010:00 – 22:00190mří společně s restaurací, v sobotu tam mají pohřební hostinu do 4
Bistro u Zimního stadionupoledne – večerpoledne – večer750márek v rohlíku, panini, pití
EJC 20226.8.202214.8.20222463kmčas vyrazit, pokud chceš jít pěšky

We politely asky ou to youse your fire tools outside only. To sum it up, you will need: hall overshoes, sleeping bag, matrace, clothes for the whole weekend, hygiene necessities, cup for the lemonade.

Juggling: We usually juggle in the big hall. Between 7am to 9:30pm there is no restriction. From 9:30pm to 7am there will be peace and quiet at night. If you want to keep juggling in that time please do so, but quitely. After 11pm we pleace you to also take a rest and be aware of others sleeping.

Workshops: You can check our workshops here.

Trash: There will be places 2 trash cans (1 = plastic, paper and rest). Please use them.

Tickets: Are you unable to buy the ticket in Czech language? Just contact me you want to come. We will discuss it together. Thank you.

Contact: Martin Švanda +420 732 117 153,

For a big support in previous years we are thankfull to the juggling shop  Juggling Army. So in case you don´t have anything to juggle with, there is nothing easier than checking their web sites.

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